Mastering Vape Tricks and Making Impressive Clouds

Vaping has evolved far beyond being a mere alternative to smoking; it has become a culture, an art form where enthusiasts express their creativity through mesmerizing vape tricks and exotic juices like salt nic flavors. These captivating displays of vapor manipulation have captured the fascination of many, and if you’re a beginner looking to dive into vape tricks, this guide will provide you with some tips to get you started.
They’re as follows:
Choose the Right Equipment
You’ll need the right tools to …

Best Portable Dab Rigs / E-Nails

Portable dab rigs or e-nails are devices that vaporize the liquid in order to smoke the gaseous output. Selecting the best portable dab rigs can be difficult due to many brands incorporating technology to come up with new designs.
The list below features the best in the market today:
Puffco Peak Smart Rig

Best Vape Pens

With the recent boom in the e-cigarette industry, vaping tools are now made with style. It seems that there is no more stylish than a vape pen. With such a sleek look and incredible portability, you can just vape anytime and anywhere.
However, because of their size, vape pens can fall short in certain categories. One of which is battery life. Most vape pens can be used for a shorter amount of time. Next is flavor. Unlike regular vapes, vape pens can be difficult to replace flavors.
The good thing is that there are brands out there that can manage to overcome the aforementioned common shortcomings. Listed below are 3 of the …

Best Organic e-Juice

The e-cigarette industry and the habit of vaping will not be mainstream if not for companies that make e-juice. The e-juice or vaping liquid can be available in a variety of flavors. One can choose either a menthol flavor or something that is much sweeter.
Companies nowadays cater to many preferences, including anything organic.
It may be easy for a company to claim that its products are organic, but there are things that must be met based on USDA standards. The requirements for a product to be organic are the following: their processes must involve natural methods only and they have to be transparent with USDA.