Ramadan is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and is a period of spiritual reflection, extensive prayers, and physical fasting.

Knowing that Muslims are diligent in fulfilling the things that are allowed, or “halal”, and avoiding the things that are prohibited, or “haram”, fasting is strictly observed as long as the sun is still up.

Fasting and abstinence also extend to common vices. However, even though the time is not Ramadan, the entirety of Islamic communities agree that smoking is forbidden. This is due to the phrase indicated in Koran that Allah does not permit activities that kill oneself.

Interpretation of Vaping

So, is vaping also forbidden? Most Islamic communities, if not all, interpret the Koran in a literal sense. What is indicated in the holy book, all Muslims must follow. However, the act of vaping is not mentioned in Koran.

It is not even being considered as an act of smoking either even though it is the same technically. However, the teachings of Muhammad, which are known as “Hadith”, provided these 3 statements:

  • A Muslim should not cause harm to anyone
  • Muslims must always be exemplary in public
  • A good Muslim must preserve their health

Based on that, many considered vaping as an act that does not promote the preservation of health. Furthermore, the secondhand smoke from vaping is still debatable. As of now, it is considered dangerous and therefore, it can harm other people.

By the looks of it, vaping opposes 2 of the statements and consequently, the remaining statement that demands to be exemplary always.


The safest answer to the original question is that vaping is highly frowned upon during Ramadan. Although the period can last a month, most users who are dependent on vaping can have a hard time fasting. That should make it more than enough of a challenge of faith.

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