Whatever the reasons that people say when they smoke weed, there is one thing in common: people smoke weed to relax. Weed provides calmness that enables one to have a great sleep. Additionally, anxiety and chronic pain can be managed.

The only drawback of the activity that can eclipse the positive sides is intoxication. Nowadays, smoking weed can be easily accessible to anyone. Who would have thought that it can now be done using a vape device?

Difference Between Vaping Weed and Nicotine Products

When you vape, the electric device powered by a battery vaporizes a liquid. This liquid contains nicotine, which mimics the characteristics of a tobacco cigarette. Using the same principle, it is possible that you can vape weed too.

Since weed has the compounds CBD and THC, an extraction from the plant can be done to obtain its liquid. The said liquid can now be vaporized using any regular vaping device.

In order to optimize the vaporizing process of cannabis, it is crucial to select the right gear for the available fuel (either e-liquid or wax concentrate).

How to Vape Weed

If you want to exclusively vape weed, you need to be cautious of your atomizer. If your device uses e-liquids, then you have to buy e-liquids that contain THC and CBD.  If the atomizer you have requires wax concentrates, then you must use wax only.

Furthermore, you must also consider which of the 2 methods of heating you have to rely on – conduction or convection. For a simple analogy, it is like choosing which method of cooking you prefer: a frying pan (for conduction) or an air fryer (for convection).

Why does this matter?

It’s because of the differences in long-term effects on the equipment after countless hours of usage and repeated heating. In theory, convection is better but special gear is required.

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