What makes vaping fun compared to smoking cigarettes is that you can perform tricks when vaping. These tricks are mere manipulation of the exhaled vape cloud but are done beautifully with technique and creativity.

For beginners, it is recommended to try vape tricks that are simple to execute. An example of this is ghost vape. As the name suggests, ghost vape refers to a trick that makes it appear as if a ghost comes out from you through the mouth.

You can try this trick using any vaping device with these 3 steps:

Step 1: Inhale

Take a “mouth hit”. Note that this is not the regular hit, or “lung hit” wherein you inhale and let the vapor circulate in your lungs. A “mouth hit” is similar to sipping liquid through a straw without gulping it. Also, inhale only the amount that you can take.

Step 2: Release

The next thing to do after taking a mouth hit is to release it in a form of a ball cloud. To achieve this, the key lies in the shape of your mouth. As much as possible, make a letter “O” with your mouth and ensure that is compact as much as possible as you release.

The result should look similar to how cartoons depict when a spirit goes out from the body.

Step 3: Inhale Again

Lastly, to complete the technique, you have to inhale again. This time, you’ll have to do it much quicker in order to capture the entirety of the released vape cloud. In this inhaling process, you need to take a mouth hit again with the vape cloud as your target.

While doing this, ensure that your mouth still forms a compact letter “O”. To help you determine if you have achieved the technique or not, try to look at the mirror while you’re executing.

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